Rappers “LMFAO” Saged The Wonderland House

I don’t like that. We need to get in there and un-sage it. There’s no telling what kind of spiritual damage these jackasses did. If Ronnie’s ghost haunts Wonderland, then I doubt a little sage is gonna scare him off anyway. He’s probably gonna be one of the most fearless, coldest ghosts you’ve ever met (and not a pleasant one).

The parents of LMFAO were also scared and worried… what are these guys 13 years old.

Then he revealed something spooky. “Then we moved into the house. We call it the Wonderland house (No, everyone calls it that dude!). It was the real house where the Wonderland murders took place,” Redfoo said.

For those unaware, the Wonderland murders and the Wonderland house have a pretty sinister history, culminating with four murders in 1981 that were suspected to be by a porn star’s hand. You can check out the details of the case here. (TruTV? send them to our Wonderland1981 blog! 😉

“We didn’t know it at first,” Redfoo said of their home’s prior tenants. “The house was $2,500 a month; we were like, ‘Score!’” So did it freak them out? Not necessarily, but they still took some precautions. “I don’t really believe in the supernatural, as far as the negativity,” Redfoo said. “Our parents were upset and scared. We saged the house.” (Saging is a method some spiritualists use to cleanse houses of negative energy.)

Source:  PopCrush. Some worthless music mag.

Hey you guys, check out Ed’s door posters. Amazing!!

Ed, that is awesome! I wish that I had an image plotter for printing big stuff.

Ed, that is awesome! I wish that I had an image plotter for printing big stuff.