Thorson Talks Wonderland On The Artie Lange Show

This all happens at about the 7:00 minute mark. The video was posted last month, so I think this is recent. Scott has been making the rounds, and was recently on the Howard Stern Show. He is now telling everyone that he had an affair with Michael Jackson. Skip to the 7 minute mark to skip all of that nonsense.

Regarding Wonderland, Thorson says Nash’s crew and Holmes used Liberace’s car to go to the house that night. It was one of the fleet of cars that Liberace kept in L.A. If you can believe Thorson anyway. This is another wormhole. Scott says Nash confessed in “1999”. What baloney. Nash never confessed, he simply accepted the RICO plea and took his 37 month sentence in order to move on with his life. He’s no spring chicken ya know.

Warning: You’ll feel like taking a shower after watching this.

Also, Bobby from Down Under in Australia sent this great shot and had this to say:

Thought you may want to include this on your blog as a point of interest. Here in Melbourne, Australia “Behind the Candelabra” is turning out to be a pretty big deal as it’s receiving a national cinema release. The poster that I’ve attached is plastered ALL OVER the city at nearly every bus and tram stop. Pretty weird seeing a HBO tele-movie getting such huge exposure. Will be interesting to see how it performs once it opens.