Judge Tells Holmes He Is Subverting Justice

Subvert (v): to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Julius Leetham is not someone to keep quiet when he holds a strong opinion. He is well known for his dry wit and his ability to use humor in making point.

Most recently, he ordered a free-lance journalist to turn over materials he had collected for an unpublished article on the death of comedian John Belushi.

He has also sent pornographic film actor John Holmes back to jail several times for Holmes’ refusal to testify before the grand jury about the four Laurel Canyon murders; Holmes was acquitted of charges stemming from the July 1981 slayings, but admits being present when they were committed.

Leetham has told Holmes that since he faces no possibility of criminal prosecution, he has a duty to tell the grand jury what he knows.

“Our system of justice is subverted if witnesses won’t testify,” Leetham told Holmes at a hearing in late August (1982).

Judge Leetham passed away in 2008 – Julius A. “Jud” Leetham, a former Los Angeles County Superior Court judge who served as chairman of the county Republican Central Committee in the 1960s, has died. He was 90.

Leetham, a longtime resident of San Marino and Pasadena, died Aug. 16 at a Walnut Creek nursing facility from complications of a stroke he suffered about two months ago, said his son, William C. Leetham. Julius Leetham had moved to Walnut Creek, in the East Bay Area, several years ago.


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