Love Street… There’s This Store Where The Creatures Meet

As we embark on a sweet, well-deserved weekend, let’s first take a drive down Love St. with Bonnie! Heck yea~

Just don’t litter out the window, you might hit a hippie. Hippie control.

Thanks Bonnie!


The song was originally a poem written by singer Jim Morrison about the street in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, California where he lived with his girlfriend Pamela Courson. Their address was 8021 Rothdell Trail <–Click it! … Morrison and Courson referred to Rothdell Trail as “Love Street” because they would sit on the balcony and watch countless hippies walk by.

The song is noted for Morrison’s spoken narration, which occurs in the middle of the song: “I see you live on Love Street/ There’s this store where the creatures meet/I wonder what they do in there?/Summer Sunday and a year/I guess I like it fine, so far”. The store in question was the Canyon Country Store across the street from his house. Morrison also wrote the Waiting for the Sun album and much of The Soft Parade at the residence. The house was partially damaged during a spate of arson fires on December 30, 2011; the balcony was destroyed.