Is This David Lind?

In 1961, a kid named David Lind graduated from Lodi High School. Lodi is located between Sacramento and Stockton, California in the Central Valley.

The age is about right, although I have seen three different birth years for David Clay Lind in my research. Who the heck knows.

What do you think? Here are the few photos of him, along with the ’61 senior yearbook photo. Also, if he was in the Aryan Brotherhood, then Lodi is the place to foster those feelings. To this day, the city is still less than 1% black people by population.

Look at the eyes, eyebrows and the nose, bridge of the nose. Now compare the young Lind’s leftside cheekbone to that of the old, grizzled Lind on the right there… Hmmm. That ear too. WTF!

Call me crazy, but that's him!

Call me crazy, but that could be him.