Tom Lange & Mrs. Nash Talk About Eddie

If you have ever read about Nash and his ex-wife, Jeanna, then you know what a hot-head he can be. Now, just imagine if you robbed him and humiliated him. It was also VERY bad timing in Eddie’s life:

This quote from Jeanna sounds like an episode of “Who the BLEEP did I marry?” on Discovery ID channel. By the time of the robbery, Eddie’s hands were all burned up from crack and he had dwindled down to 140 lbs, according to fellow club owner, Chris Cox.


After our separation, when my parents and I took the children to Oklahoma to my aunt and uncle’s farm, my husband hired a girl to follow us. She came to the farm in order to find out if a certain man was with me. After she left, my husband called me and said to come home immediately. When I refused, he said, “Don’t come back to California, or I will have two men waiting at the airport to kill you, and I will have your parents killed.”


I wasn’t really familiar with Eddie Nash, but my partner, Bob Souza, had heard of him from being in Hollywood Dicks [Hollywood Detectives] in 1969 or 1970. Of course, there was a big scandal in Hollywood Dicks in 1970. The cops were all dirty, and they were on the take; they were selling what we call “5-10s”—padding confidential information on real bad guys and getting paid off—or getting free women, free meals.

Eddie Nash loved the cops. He’d say, “Come on in; we’ll set you up!” It’s not a direct payoff—but when Eddie’s name comes up, you remember he’s the guy who bought you dinner and bought you drinks all night. So that kind of nonsense went on, and of course all those guys went to prison—but one of the players behind that was Eddie Nash.

That smirk is just so damn charming.

That smirk is just so damn charming.


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