Dona Lola Living Room Was Like Siberia

Eddie’s house was a depressing place, as you will read below. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when that living room was crowded with L.A.’s finest dopers. It sure would be nice to see some photos of the interior of Dona Lola, at least the living room. I have tried most of those real estate / realtor web sites with no luck, so far. The house has not been on the market for several years.

After the murders, when Eddie was arrested and Greg shot it out with the cops, these other characters were at the house and also initially arrested. My guess is two young strippers and a middle aged buddy of Ed’s? Carrie and Jamie were not charged and later released.

There were no injuries as a result of that gunfire, investigators said. Also arrested were Carrie O’Loughlan, 20; Amnon Bachahiam, 48; Jamie McGuan, 20.

–L.A. Times, July 11, 1981.

Bing Maps gives a clearer shot of the back and side of the house than Google Earth. For instance, there was one, maybe two windows to contend with or crouch under when the gang traversed the side yard, on their way to the rear sliding glass door.

Bird's Eye View.

Bird’s Eye View.

From this rotated view, you can see Eddie’s old pool a bit better. If Greg ever jumped in off of that wall, then he would have flooded the valley.

Is that Greg I see taking a morning float with his cup of Mai Tai?

Is that Greg I see taking a morning float with his cup of Mai Tai?


There was me and my group, and then there was Eddie Nash and his group, centered around Nash’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Dona Lola Drive. His place was a split-level house with a big living room area that was like the waiting room. And people would come by to see Eddie, who was usually in the bedroom. It was like getting an audience with the Pope—you know, you had to wait your turn. The living room was like Siberia; everybody looked very dejected out there. But a chosen few got to go in right away, no waiting. And I was one of them. But then in 1980 I kind of got put out to pasture, after I introduced
John to Eddie Nash. When I first brought John over to Nash’s, it was like bringing over a celebrity. There were lots of girls there, and they were pretty much bumping into each other to get to John. He was well liked up there. He was a conversation piece. John and Ed hit it off very well, and John started spending all his time over at Eddie’s. My feelings weren’t really hurt. I understood what was going on: John was doing what he had to do to get his own supply.


The Other Hollywood, by Legs McNeil.