Tracy McCourt Married At Age 20

The strangest part of the Wonderland story is that the porn star had been married the longest. Oh well, that did not stop the others from trying, and that includes the elusive Tracy McCourt. One site showed him once being enrolled at UC-Irvine college and that he was related to Frank McCourt, who owned the L.A. Dodgers. Now, I’m really freekin’ lost.

I’m slowly but surely finding out more about Tracy though. Tracy was born in 1949. I find that his Social Security Number was issued in California in 1963 when he was about 14 years old. That means it’s likely that he grew up and went to school in So Cal.

McCourt was married in Los Angeles in 1969, a few days after I was born. Tracy and Janis N. Davis were married on October 20, 1969. Janis was three years older than Tracy. I don’t know how long they were married because I could not find a divorce record in California.

Since the producers of the 2003 film were hell bent on using David Lind’s story, we never got to really see the true acting genius of George Leonardopoulos, who played Tracy in the film.

True love never dies.

True love never dies.

Tracy would also get married in Kentucky twice (1988 and 1994). 1988 – Joni S. Holt. 1994 – Vickie L. Carrier.