McCourt Once Lived Near Venice Beach

In 1985, Tracy McCourt lived at this address on W. Manchester in Venice, CA. It is about 5 blocks from the beach. This is the house.

He also lived a few miles south of here in the mid-80s, down in Playa Del Rey, which is the enclave where the tragic former child star, Anissa Jones, grew up and lived most of her life. Small world.

It was the 80s of course, so no telling what Tracy did to support himself, if it were drugs, etc… But considering the criminal hijinx that he pulled up in Colorado during the late 90s, I can imagine that he was probably using drugs his entire life.

By 1988 however, Tracy would be living in Kentucky as he was to get married there in ’88. What prompted the big move from SoCal to Kentucky… Was it work related or did he get busted in California for drugs and have to go lay low someplace nice and quiet?

Tracy might just be the most perplexing character in the Wonderland saga.

421 W. Manchester Ave.

421 W. Manchester Ave.