A Closer Look at Pataskala, Ohio

Of course, this is the hometown of John Holmes. Wikipedia has him listed as a notable person on the Pataskala wiki page:

  • John Holmes, better known as Johnny Wadd, one of the most prolific porn-stars of all time. He lived in Pataskala as a teenager before enlisting in the army at the age of 16.

While touring the area from Bird’s Eye View on BING, it appears that the old center of town is maybe a few street lights and shops and other businesses. That’s about it. If you took away all of the new development and sprawl and neighborhoods of the last 50 years, it would be very rural looking. Today, the population is about 15,000. The population was a few thousand in 1960 according to a recent city study. I guess that is the year John left town for the Army.

Pataskala, Ohio.

Pataskala, Ohio. Photo: Jill C. Nelson

John certainly took the route less traveled when he left town for good in 1960.

John certainly took the route less traveled when he left town for good in 1960. Photo: Jill C. Nelson.

This is what the older section of the Watkins Memorial High School looks like. It was opened in the mid-50s. I have been unable to obtain a yearbook photo, for the one or two years that John attended school here. There are a lot of Holmes’s in Ohio. Popular name.

There is a newer part up to the left, but it looks like a prison. At least this is classic 50s/60s style with windows.

John Holmes old high school. There is a newer part up and to the left (not shown), but it looks like a prison. At least this old section is classic 50s/60s style with many windows.

Here is what the Urban Dictionary had to say about present-day Pataskala:

Pataskala is located in central Ohio, 20 minutes east of Columbus. Known for being the former home of the famous porn star John Holmes, Pataskala offers many fun activities. These include counting the hundreds of underage pregnant girls roaming the streets in search of marijuana and a vast assortment of drugs. Also, sitting in a vehicle in the local Kroger’s parking lot for no apparent reason is another popular activity. If a place to stay for an over-nighter with a hooker you just picked up, the Shamrock Motel is perfect for you! The stained mattresses and the unbelievable amount of crack addicts inhabiting the area will put a smile on any crack whore’s face! If sports is more of your choice for entertainment stop by the local Watkins Memorial High School for a basketball game. With a total of 3 wins in two years, it should make you feel better about yourself while the coaches embarrass themselves and the entire school. So come on down to Pataskala Ohio and waste your life away with us! See you soon!

That silly post about Pataskala reminded me of rural Mississippi, where my grandpa was from. Boring. And pregnant girls everywhere.

Source (population):

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