An Insider Speaks About Joy, Holmes & Wonderland

I have been having an email discussion with a nice lady who frequents this blog and also says that she frequented 8763 Wonderland, and that she knew Joy Miller quite well. Read on… the comments in parentheses are mine.


On the afternoon of July, 1, 1981, she was with a male friend walking over to 8763 Wonderland (she was living down the street at the time). She often used Joy as a drug connection, so they decided to stop by that afternoon. These were the “someones” who mentioned to the movers next door that bodies were inside. She then went home to call the police. The movers also called police.

I have cleaned up the typos, but this is what else she had to say:

We were at the Wonderland house until about 9pm on the night of the murders. We went home and later Joy called us and asked us to come back over, but we decided to stay home.

The couch in the living room, the roll top desk and a lot of the furniture at Joy’s, was ours. My husband had it in storage and let Joy use it. Of course we never asked for it back (after the murders). As she was a connection, Joy also had my wedding rings (from my first marriage and my second marriage) and God knows what else that belonged to us.

Joy was very obsessed with my husband, it was an issue. Also interesting is that she set me up to be robbed as well. I did not know this, but while my husband was in the hospital once, my 2 sons and I stayed at the house for safety (in the Ron Launius guest room).. can you imagine? It was a very complicated thing (I don’t think Ron was around when this happened).

But it’s the furniture you see… Every time i think of seeing Barbara Richardson and her blood on our couch, I cringe.

FYI, I had no idea who John Holmes was, just some greasy guy hanging around to my knowledge. He told me once that he worked with kids in hospitals (an orderly?) .. I was shocked when homicide detectives came to my house with his picture and the info… They also told us they had various pictures of us entering the (Wonderland) house, as they had a stake out going on for months.

In the trial, they put me on the stand. The Sunday before the murders, we were over there hanging with Joy and noticed the bunch of guys in a sedan pulling in (a Ford Granada?). When I asked Joy she said they were casing someone. But besides Billy, I did not pay attention to or know the others.

We knew Joy a long time. Billy took her down to thug level.