Ronnie’s First Wife Passed Away In 1988

I was trying to track down Fay Wetzel for an interview, but that will not be happening because she is deceased.

Fay Wetzel was married to Ronnie from 1966 until their divorce in May, 1970. Not much is known about her, but she did sing in the choir at Atwater High School (Merced County, CA). When I zoomed in on this yearbook photo below, she had her name “Fay” embroidered on her blouse. How cool is that!

Ron's first wife, Fay. RIP honey.

Ron’s first wife, Fay Wetzel in 1964. RIP honey.

I was hoping to get in touch with her, as she might actually want to talk about Ron. This really bummed me out today.

Rest in Peace, Fay. Whether she hated him or still loved him a bit, it must have been quite a shock to hear the news that first week in July of 1981. Fay had known the pre-drugs and criminal Ronnie… and so it would have been nice to speak to her about him, funny stories, etc. I bet Ron strutting around the central valley in his Air Force uniform was the instant aphrodisiac.

I wonder what happened to her for her to die at age 39 or 40? This sucks. I’m going out to get drunk tonight.

Ron's first wife, Fay Wetzel.

Ron’s first wife, Fay Wetzel.