Danny Sugerman’s Wonderland Avenue House

Thanks to Bonnie and Julia… you can now view the house that DOORS manager, Danny Sugerman, lived in on Wonderland Ave. I did a bunch of searches and nobody had it posted anywhere. Most DOORS fan sites said that you would have to take a drive up there and just guess. Well, not anymore.

The Sugerman house is on the left side as you approach 8763. You can see it in Bonnie’s “Driving to Nash’s” video. She says “Sugermans house is on the right at 55 seconds. Identifiable by the car parked on curb in front facing in the opposite direction.”

Go here to see photos and read the back-story for finding Danny’s house.

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Of course, I had to include Danny’s yearbook photo! ūüėČ ¬†RIP Danny.

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Daniel Stephen “Danny” Sugerman¬†(October 11, 1954 ‚Äď January 5, 2005) was the second manager of the¬†Los Angeles-based rock band¬†The Doors, and wrote several books about¬†Jim Morrison¬†and The Doors, including¬†No One Here Gets Out Alive¬†(co-authored with¬†Jerry Hopkins), and the autobiography¬†Wonderland Avenue. Sugerman began working with The Doors when he was 12 years old, starting out answering their fan mail. By the age of 17, Sugarman replaced the original Doors manager,¬†Bill Siddons, shortly after Morrison’s death in 1971. Sugerman attended Westchester High School in Los Angeles, where he regularly authored articles about The Doors in the student newspaper. He graduated in 1972. He later went on to manage¬†Ray Manzarek‘s solo-career and first album. He was also¬†Iggy Pop‘s manager for a period, and produced his song “Repo Man“, before they both ended up in Californian State mental hospitals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction syndrome.¬†He also wrote¬†Appetite For Destruction: The Days of Guns N’ Roses¬†in 1991. He helped film director¬†Oliver Stone¬†with the production of the 1991 movie¬†The Doors.

Sugerman married¬†Fawn Hall¬†of the¬†Iran‚ÄďContra affair¬†fame in 1991 and they remained married until his death.¬†They briefly met¬†MP3.com¬†co-founder¬†Rod Underhill¬†while Hall was employed there. Underhill later stated that “Sugerman was very interesting. He had appeared to go out of his way to appear visually like Jim Morrison. Same type of haircut, similar clothing. The similarity was uncanny.”¬†Sugerman discussed his idolisation of Morrison in detail, in part of one of his books¬†Wonderland Avenue. Sugerman was a recovering¬†heroin¬†addict who found solace in¬†Buddhism.

1972 Westchester High School, CA. Senior photo.

1972 Westchester High School, CA. Senior photo.