A Wonderland Library & Reading List

A reader recommended a post that lists all of the published works for Wonderland, as far as books and articles, etc. So here we go, please add anything that I forgot in the comments section. I’m brain dead today so add away! Add movies and documentaries as well. I still think it’s funny that Eddie was the only Wonderland character to star in a Hollywood production (The Cisco Kid episode).

Documentaries and Films

  • E True Hollywood Story. I have not seen this one in a while.
  • The full length British documentary. About 1 hour long.
  • 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders. I think #1 here was Charles Manson.
  • Exhausted starring John Holmes.
  • Wadd, The Legend of John Holmes.
  • Wonderland, 2003 film.
  • Boogie Nights, 1997 film.


  • The Other Hollywood by Legs McNeil.
  • A Life Measured in Inches by Jill C. Nelson and Jennifer Sugar.
  • Long Time Money and Lots of Cocaine by Rodger Jacobs.
  • Porn King by John and Laurie Holmes.
  • Three Dog Nightmare by Chuck Negron

Four On The Floor by Tom Lange etc has never been published.


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