The Wonderland Movie & The “Xbox Murders”

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In 1981, this scenario is what a lot of people imagined had happened at Wonderland that night. It was and wasn’t. The Wonderland killings were quick compared to this nightmare. They even killed the dog. The Xbox Murders happened in 2004, a year after the Wonderland movie was released. This guy must have rented it or at least had some good cable channels.

The Wikipedia article is linked below, and it has all of the background info. In short, the ringleader knew some of the victims from their jobs at Burger King. I guess the girl let the main perp stay there at her grandparent’s home as a favor. But, it looks like she later kicked him out for taking advantage. Thus, there was a falling out within this group of people.

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The raging attack was the culmination of events revolving around a nearby vacant home owned by one of the victim’s grandparents and used by squatters, including Troy Victorino, as a party house. He had left some clothes and an Xbox behind.

Mr. Victorino met with Mr. Hunter, Mr. Salas, Mr. Cannon and Mr. Graham at midday before the murders to formulate the murder plan. Each of the five young men agreed to participate in the murders when asked by Mr. Victorino in their group meeting. Apparently he had seen a movie titled “Wonderland” in which a group of men went into a house and killed the occupants with sticks or metal rods. He carefully described the process, outlined the layout of the home on Telford Lane in Deltona to the co-conspirators and assigned each of them tasks. They made arrangements to meet later in the day.

The attackers share two commonalities: a degree of mental illness and troubled, unstable upbringings.

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What's the message here.

What’s the message here.