TIME Magazine Article – July 6, 1981

The timing for the release of this article is perfect. A week after the Wonderland Murders. I do like the part about middle class Americans… for weren’t most of the Wonderland players, at some point as adults, middle class too? And although they were hopeless heroin addicts, they also dealt in cocaine. Basically, the message of this article is that … the times have now changed. Coke is here to stay.

There is little likelihood that the cocaine blizzard will soon abate. A drug habit born of a desire to escape the bad news in life is not likely to be discouraged by the bad news about the drug itself. And so middle class Americans continue to succumb to the powder’s crystalline dazzle. Few are yet aware or willing to concede that at the very least, taking cocaine is dangerous to their psychological health. It may be no easy task to re-convince them that good times are made, not sniffed.

The rest of the article is great. I love the part about real-estate agents accepting large cash payments for property. Those were the days…

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July 6, 1981.

July 6, 1981.