Eddie Nash Seen Dockside In 1990

During the 80s, Linell Dumas lived in South Central L.A. One can only assume what his relationship to Nash was….a bouncer… a friend of Diles… ???  Nine years after Wonderland, Eddie is seen serving as a character witness to some long ago employee or drug buddy? This seems odd.

20 Year Old Sophomore in 1981 at Crenshaw High in L.A.

20 Year Old Sophomore in 1981 at Crenshaw High in L.A.

In October of 1987, Linell Dumas was caught in connection with the slaying of a woman during a burglary. He fled out of the window and was trying to enter another house when cops apprehended him. The woman he killed was the mother of a sheriff’s deputy. Linell Leonard Dumas is still in prison for this crime and is serving his time at the Lancaster unit in California. He is 52 years old and has spent the past 23 years in prison. Good!

I wonder what Wonderland secrets Dumas can share. His last appeal was denied in 1997 and in 2009 he attempted to sue a warden of the prison system for violating his human rights and not giving him a parole release date. What else is there to do in jail than to become a half-ass lawyer. What type of “Dumas” calls Eddie Nash to court to testify as a character witness in the first place. Was Dumas at Wonderland that night?

I would love to see this photo of Eddie. Here is the caption that ran with it:

Seen dockside: Adel Nasrallah, also known as Eddie Nash, awaiting a new trial after a mistrial in the quadruple 1981 Laurel Canyon murders, had his day in someone else’s court on Wednesday. Nash, held without bail and wearing jail blues, testified during the penalty phase for Linell Dumas, convicted of murdering the mother of a sheriff’s deputy. Nash appeared as a character witness.

–LA Times, People and Events, Aug. 2, 1990.

This is Linell’s address in case you want to be his prison pen pal:

Linell Dumas Jr. # E-75069 C S P – LAC – A1-132L, P O Box 4430, Lancaster, CA 93539.