Bogosian: My Eddie Nash Has Nothing To Do With Molina’s

I enjoyed both movies, but Alfred Molina’s Nash really creeped me out. This is mostly because I didn’t know what the Asian houseboy lighting firecrackers was doing there. If it was a pedo thing, then even THE NASH does not deserve that liberal interpretation of his character. He was a family man for pete’s sake!

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Another Eddie

In James Cox’s film ”Wonderland,” the writer and performance artist Eric Bogosian plays Eddie Nash, a Los Angeles nightclub entrepreneur whose testy, drug-fueled friendship with the adult film star John Holmes (Val Kilmer) led to the grisly deaths of four people in a revenge killing.

The real-life Mr. Nash was also the basis for one of the most memorable characters in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 ”Boogie Nights”: Alfred Molina’s Rahad Jackson, a dissolute club owner whom the film’s Holmes-like protagonist (Mark Wahlberg) ill-advisedly tries to rob. Comparisons are inevitable, all the more so because Mr. Bogosian, like Mr. Molina, spends most of his performance in a loosely tied bathrobe.

”Freddie Molina doing that Eddie Nash — which isn’t really Eddie Nash, but something inspired by him — is one of the great performances of the last decade,” said Mr. Bogosian, talking over a drink at the Toronto International Film Festival where ”Wonderland” had its premiere. ”And I came in knowing that. But once we started on this, we were in such a different place that it was never an issue. My Eddie Nash has nothing to do with Freddie Molina’s Eddie Nash. We’re dressed almost exactly the same, but you can’t even think of the two characters in the same place — it’s like they’re in two different worlds.”

Source: NY Times. 10-08-2003.