Tracy McCourt Photograph – Circa 2006

Special thanks to SteelAddict for sharing this incredible find. This is what he had to say:

Attached is a pic of Tracy not too long before he died.  I pulled this from the Colorado prison system inmate locator a few months before he passed.  I think he was out of jail when he died though.

Tracy’s Find-A-Grave Memorial

Read EVERY post about Tracy that is on this blog – Thanks to Bonnie, you can even take a video drive down Lemp Street, where he was living at the time of the robbery and murders. You can also read his testimony from 1982, see the other places he lived, check his criminal past and of course read about his love life. I simply cannot believe that more authors did not try to track him down for quotes in books and articles. Hell, maybe they did and he told them to get lost. So many questions.

If I’m reading that height chart correctly, Tracy was about 5’7″ tall. When I zoomed in on the original bmp file, I could read his prison ID tag: MCCOURT, then TRACY below it, while the rest was too hard to decipher.

Colorado Prison System

Colorado Prison System. Tracy is about 57 years old here.

Bonus!  John Holmes defense attorney, Earl Hansen, in high school: