A Former Nash Employee Provides Clarity

This tidbit comes as a bookend to the Dominic Fragomeli story but opens up a world of possibilities. I did a blog post about Dom a few months ago. This incident occurred in November, 1981. Diles had his shootout with the cops during the July raid. Check the Wonderland Timeline:

November 25, 1981

Police search Nash’s home for a second time after the drug overdose death of a guest (24 yr old Dominic Fragomell who had been living at the home for 5 months). Cops find more than 2 lbs. of cocaine and heroin, quaaludes, and opium. Nash and Diles are arrested on narcotics charges. Both men had been on bail from the July 10 raid and arrest.

A young man that worked at one of Ed’s clubs back in the day, will most likely be providing the blog with a few stories from time to time. Here’s what he sent me today.

I lived at G’s house in Studio City at the time. (manager of one of Ed’s businesses). I know ALL KINDS of stuff! (I knew) Dominic and Mazzechelli, Dom’s girlfriend, Dezi, and all the rest. Dominic’s death was the excuse the cops needed to get past Ed’s political connections so they could conduct the raid. When the raid happened, Something very surprising was found in a back bedroom. Spelling is probably not correct but I’ll try. “Adnom Bashion”. Titular head of the Israeli mob (with a 15 year old girl). Israeli mob hits had a signature.. SPLATTER!  connect the dots?


I have also reached out to private eye, Nils Grevillius.

Stay tuned…