Gunning For Eddie

I wish that I could find this article from 2001 by Susan Goldsmith. She was even nominated for an award in some contest. Heck, maybe she won, I don’t know.

Gunning For Eddie summary:

The New Times reports on the saga of former Hollywood nightclub owner Eddie Nash, who evaded prosecution for murder, arson and drug dealing. Nash walked away from a conviction in the high-profile Wonderland Avenue murder trial — twice — but in 1997 a former business partner admitted to involvement in bribing a jury member. At the time the article was written Nash was awaiting trial under the RICO act.

Sadly, the New Times in L.A. went out of business. It was one of those weekly city newspaper magazines that are free at stores, etc. I think this outfit was sued and who knows what happened to their archives. I really hate that. Thank goodness that when the LA Herald-Examiner went under, that like-minded people made sure their archives and photos were all saved. You can still view them, but for a price. At least these archives still exist. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find this 8 page kick ass looking article, “Gunning for Eddie”. I’m sure it included photos too.

I’ll keep looking. Oh, and enjoy some photos: