Tracy McCourt Attended Eastern Kentucky University in 1987

Well, shit. I’m at a loss for words.

A few months ago, when I said that Tracy McCourt might be the most perplexing character in the Wonderland saga, I didn’t know it would come true.

Tracy lived in eastern Kentucky during the 80s/early 90s after he left L.A. I have his addresses and he even got married twice in Kentucky. Today, I stumbled across a tip at Dawn Schiller’s message board and it gave me a hunch. Here’s what the guy said:

“Back in the mid/late 1980s, I was finishing up at Eastern Kentucky University, and we had a guy on our floor who claimed to be Tracy Ray McCourt – and claimed to have been a part of this… Had a bunch of jailhouse tats, including some sort of Beatles thing on his chest (IIRC – might have been a different band). Had a serious rap for the (considerably younger than he was) ladies, and laid it on pretty thick… Could this have been the same guy?


So here we go…

In the 1987 EKU yearbook, the “Milestone”….Tracy is listed on page 268. You can look for yourself right here.

That’s him. I’m checking with the school to find out more.

I'm proud of him. What The Hell?

I’m proud of him. What The Hell?

"Milestone" at EKU. 1987.

“Milestone” at EKU. 1987.