Tonight on “E” … Hollywood Death Trip!

It’s also Dave Lind’s birthday today. He would have been 800 years old.

“E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip”

Premieres Thursday, October 24th @ 10:00 pm ET/PT

“E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip” follows a real-life tour guided by Scott Michaels of Findadeath and Dearly Departed Tours, of high profile murders and shocking deaths that occurred in Los Angeles. The captivating E! Special unravels some of the most gruesome and notorious cases that made headlines, and takes a look at where these events actually unfolded.

It’s Scott’s world… we just get to live in it.

Man, I don’t know how the old school did it with that booze. I am 44 and after three beers I can barely roll outta bed the next day. Jim Beam and a pack of Marlboros. Eghhhh.