Nostalgic Disco Site Has Rare "Club Odyssey" Photos

For more info, photos and entertaining stories from club goers and employees go to the site.

FYI – There is a Chris Cox sighting below.  He’s a semi-famous nightclub guy who knew Eddie Nash back in those days. Chris is also quoted in a few of the classic articles over the years regarding Wonderland, Thorson, Holmes and Ed Nash. It’s been said that Cox introduced Holmes to Nash. I hope to interview Chris soon.

The Back-story For Today’s Image Gallery:

These photos were taken at a 1979 gay pride parade. Club Odyssey had their own float.

Ron Howard filmed a scene for his early 80’s movie, Night Shift, at Club Odyssey. It starred Henry Winkler (below) and Michael Keaton. A cult classic.

Go to the DiscoMusic Odyssey page for more pics, great stories and remembrances of club-goers and insiders.