Part 3 – The Final Chapter For Dominic Fragomeli @ Nash’s

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From Lee @ Starwood. The Final Chapter of Dominic Fragomeli’s Demise:

Hey, Hope all is well. Amazing how much stuff starts to come back when you start writing it. I do Know what Dom was doing just prior to his death. They put up on the Starwood marquee: “Starwood Studios, Showcase, Performance,  For Rental.”  And Dom was supposed to (I guess he did) Run it. I remember that Missing Persons played at the KROQ Christmas party held there that year. It was a great show. Dale Bozzio wore almost nothing but a bra that was 2 square boxes. Tony Miguel took some great pictures of that show. Have any luck finding him? Tony and I later cleaned up Ed’s after the 2nd raid. But there wasn’t much going on there (at Starwood Studios). People were living there and I really thought it would probably burn down for insurance or something. It WAS an awful firetrap. And people living there who use drugs? Anytime it could have happened. On purpose or not.

Now Gary Fontenot was put in charge of renovating the ” Seven Sea’s” Restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. Right across the Blvd. from the Chinese theatre . The famous one with the footprints. The 7 Sea’s was a Polynesian restaurant that Ed owned. No-one ever ate there and it was the greatest location in the world. They had a cute little trick of bringing you a big blue drink with Dry ice in it which looked like a big blue volcano. But that was the only trick it had really.  So Ed wanted to turn it into a disco. Even in trouble and drug addicted, no one EVER said Ed Nash was stupid.

The Seven Sea’s as a disco was Hugely Popular. I helped do some of the Renovation work there. Dave ( DeMarco?) from Guitar Center did the sound system. Stand in front of those stacks and it’d blow your hair straight back. Eventually that’s what did it in. The city said it was shaking the building down and it had to close. When I went there I was treated as a total V.I.P! Bout time Id gotten a little respect. To this day when I hear the Flock of seagulls or Soft-cell Or the Motels. Romeo-void.  I think of the Seven Sea’s. I think Dom was a goner before it even opened though. It took several months plus a few more to get it going. I don’t recall who actually Ran the place. I think Hal Glickman might have for a little bit. Before he ran the Kit-Klap. (Pun intended.)

When Dominic was found dead in a smaller bedroom off the west hallway it was by Desi, His G/f. Who had been sleeping right next to him the whole time. She told me that She reached over to shake him awake ’cause it was morning and he was cold as ice. She jumped up and looked at him and he was on his stomach. Facing away from her. With whats called: “Marked Lividly”. See his corpse was horizontal with a line of demarcation running horizontal down his side. She said the bottom 1/2 was dark blue. And the top 1/2 where the blood had drained totally down,,,,    Was Ivory White. Not uncommon I understand. So he had been dead for several hours. He was overweight and drank and took drugs and never looked REAL healthy. Not for L.A.  Or anywhere. But it was still a surprise. I can’t understand why Ed didn’t KNOW that the pigs were going to come? Maybe he was that much out of it? And Come the Pigs Did! I can’t recall how much time was between the 2 events but it was close enough that when I heard ED got raided again, My first thought was that it was because of Dom Kacking Down the hall there.

Does Any of this help you in Your research. Your Blog is incredibly thorough and well researched. Hope My story helps fill in some blanks. Give me a couple of days and I’ll tell you what Ed’s house was like after the raid. I and Tony Miguel were the 1st people there after the pigs hauled off everyone who was there after all. And the Wonders we saw! And we kept EVERYONE else who wanted to come in OUT! And More than a couple of Vultures, Smelling rank meat, Came to that house. And were very dissappointed. That it was in our hands already. Oh And I can prove Scott Thorson a liar when he says the things he says.   Cool?  Talk at you soon.