Need Help For Wonderland Author Rodger Jacobs

Dear Readers,

Rodger is a Wonderland legend. He has hit on some hard times with some medical issues, etc. Please help if you can. I sent him some cash too. Rodger has visited the blog before and posted messages here. Much of what he writes about for Wonderland has been backed up by the Nils Grevillius interview that I did.

From Rodger’s blog:

As my psoriatic arthropathy continues to advance, with pain worsening now that I’m off the oxycodone, it has become increasingly clear over the last couple of months that my years of longhand scribbling are pretty much over. I can barely hold a pen any longer except to sign my name on a credit card receipt or bank draft (and that has always been an impossible-to-duplicate scrawl anyway that bears no relationship to cursive or neat script).

Somehow I need to get another laptop (not a Mac) or a typewriter, though the latter could get too expensive what with ribbon cartridges. My only other option is to quit writing altogether and apply for a change in my disability status to permanent.

Please PayPal a few bucks to Rodger if you can to:

I would also like to thank Rodger for providing the John Holmes preliminary court trial testimony in his book, Long Time Money And Lots Of Cocaine.

Rodger even has a Wikipedia page.

Here’s his blog-

I think that Rodger is talking about us here, heh-heh!

“A large segment of the population continues to be fascinated by the Wonderland murders. It’s not only an unsolved mystery, it’s a quintessential L.A. story of the 80s: drugs, sex, excess, night clubs, gangsters, and porn stars”

–Rodger Jacobs

Thanks to steel for making me aware of Rodger’s problem.

Thanks Everyone~