November 1981: Authorities Seize Nash Letter To Holmes

I had touched on this “Nash letter” before, but never found a quote from it. Until today. I never thought I would say this, but Nash sent him a Dear John letter. In jail.

From the Press-Courier, November 7, 1982. Associated Press.

Well, this pretty much gave John the leeway to fib his way through grand jury questioning. Holmes was released from his contempt of court lock-up by the judge a short while later. All told he had served 110+ days for contempt in not answering the grand jury’s questions. He also served the least amount of time than anyone else alleged to be involved, for charges stemming from the murders. Less than a year in county lock down. Holmes was released for good and Nash was released on bail shortly thereafter as well.

This was right before Dom died at Nash’s of cocaine intoxication and cops found more coke. Nash’s bail was revoked and he was locked up again about a week after this article was printed. Lee from the Starwood told me in Part 3 of his Dom story, that he and Tony Miguel house-sat for Nash at Dona Lola for “some time” and that “everybody… and I mean every scum bag was coming by trying to gain entry to Ed’s house and were mad to find us already there”. But, the following spring of 1982, someone finally did break in and steal the floor safe. Its contents were unknown. Probably empty. Let the good times roll.