The “Todville Murder Mansion” Documentary

Going off topic today, but this is pretty good. There is a brand new movie trailer below.

A large portion of the local, regional and national population remains captivated with the Todville Murder Mansion and the murder of Bill List in Seabrook in the mid 80s, south of Houston. As a kid, I was inside the mansion many times. While it was being built, and after the murder, when there were no caretakers staying there, as it was almost abandoned.

Like Wonderland, there are many facets to this story. Spree killer Karla Faye Tucker, shooting victim Randy Webster and several other near-famous people remain as peripheral characters in the Todville Murder story. You will need to be logged in to FB, but here is the facebook page with photos and more back-story info. You may also read a few summaries of this infamous crime here on the blog.

My friend, Jason Glenn, is working on a documentary about the Todville Murder Mansion and these related stories. 

Check out the interview on the Simplicity talk show. The discussion starts at about 6:00 minute mark.

Check out the trailer! The writing on the wall reads “NO MORE FIST FOR LIST”. Bill List had been a notorious sex offender in the area. He would pick up young hustlers from the streets of downtown Houston, take them to his home, pry them with booze and drugs and have deviant sex. This is not a family story. Warning: GRAPHIC crime scene footage is included.