Another British Documentary With Rare Footage

This is a different documentary that I have never seen before. It is not to be confused with the other British documentary that most of us have seen on YouTube. It is good resolution and very clear… and has great unseen footage and interviews. I was going to wait until Monday, but I have other stuff to post next week. The Wonderland stuff starts at about the 30 minute mark. Please post in the comments if you know anything about it.

In this documentary, you get to see:

  • Video snippets of Eddie Nash walking around and being hounded by the press. That smirk is undeniable!
  • Alternate views of Eddie’s house- very good angles and views
  • Video of John being led out of court or jail in a parking lot in handcuffs
  • Prosecutor Ron Coen showing where Holmes bloody palm print was on the bed
  • More interviews with Det. Tom Blake
  • Interviews with who I think is Nash cohort and Holmes’ friend, Hal Glickman (who was a bail bondsman)
  • Pre-trial and trial footage from court
  • Talk of Holmes’ hunger strike while in jail on contempt charges. “He went on a hunger strike…and gained weight. He fasted between meals” –Ron Coen
  • Laurie Holmes talks about John’s mortal remains and how they were spread off the coast of Oxnard or Santa Catalina with his immediate family present
  • Warning! Nudity