Video Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

We lost another one.

My favorite Hoffman roles were of him as Brandt, the snotty assistant in Big Lebowski, he was great in Boogie Nights and also as the less than holy preacher in Cold Mountain. He was very good in Capote too, obviously.

At a young age, Hoffman saw a play at a local theater and he was changed forever and he knew that acting was his calling. I’m reminded of how George Martin (of Beatles fame) said that seeing an orchestra perform when he was a boy fascinated him and led him into music.

I remember well the very first time I heard a symphony orchestra. I was just in my teens when Sir Adrian Boult brought the BBC Symphony Orchestra to my school for a public concert. It was absolutely magical. Hearing such glorious sounds I found it difficult to connect them with ninety men and women blowing into brass and wooden instruments or scraping away at strings with horsehair bows.