The Real Eddie Nash?

There will always be speculation about Eddie Nash, what he was really like, etc. I’ve touched on that topic before and every so often I get an email or see a post on YouTube or the Wonderland Wikipedia “Talk” page with comments like “You didn’t even know Eddie, he was awesome”. Or, “…he paid his employees top dollar and rewarded loyalty to good workers”, and so on. A few have claimed that “they invaded his home, they deserved what they got! I would have done the same thing to those dopers”. I can just see Ed thinking post-robbery that “my life has come to this? I’m  a fucking loser” LOL. He was quite pissed off! as Detective Tom Lange told Julia Negron.

So Ed had some good qualities. I don’t doubt that a bit. Just read the blog posts from Lee who worked at the Starwood. If we look at this excerpt from John Gilmore’s book, “Scary Monsters and Super Freaks”, we get a clear view of the Nash from the late 50s and early 60s era, when he owned the hot dog stand and before he became co-owner of PJ’s Night Club (this location later became the Starwood in the 1970s). I think that in between owning the hot dog stand and PJ’s, Eddie also owned and ran a Lebanese Cafe.

However, in all of the famous articles and books about Wonderland, nobody ever mentions his marriage and family life. Legs McNeil touches on it via an interview with club owner, Chris Cox, but there are no details. So if Ed met John Holmes in the late 70s, then Ed had already begun his downward spiral into drugs, women, partying, etc. Also, his divorce was finalized exactly ONE MONTH after the murders. Ed was in a bad place to be messed with. The Wonderland guys picked a VERY bad time to rob Eddie via home invasion. Lest we forget also, that Eddie received karma as well. His illegitimate son was stabbed to death, along with Ed’s ex-girlfriend, by that biker guy in the mid 80s.

The last paragraph which lists Eddie’s ailments and stuff… most of that happened to him post-Wonderland. For, he looks rather healthy in the 1981 era photos.

Nice Guy Eddie.

Nice Guy Eddie.