Neighbors Speak About The Wonderland Murders

This article from July 2, 1981 does not mention movers finding the bodies, but rather “friends stopping by”. If only so many authors and writers over the years had dug a bit deeper, then the movers thing would not have been publicized so much.

A few neighbors also talk about the house and that night. But, when you talk to neighbors about a crime they always say different stuff, whether it’s time-stamping a scream, or making vague comments about the victims. One lady awoke, and actually walked out on her balcony, but did not see anything and went back to bed. The man taken from the scene was Julia Negron’s friend, “B”. He was released at the scene after sitting in a squad car for a few minutes.

Also, LAPD Sgt. Michael Butler needs to make up his mind on the cause of death.

In tomorrow’s post, you get to hear from a neighbor who says “police have been there before because of all of the violence”. (?) I have read about the partying, but did the cops really come for fighting and violence. I would suspect it was men fighting (i.e., Ron blew his lid with some guy and beat ’em up).

UPI Article. July 3, 1981.

UPI Article. July 2, 1981.