Quick Update – Part Of Chapter 2 – Coming Soon!

What a crazy past few months, mostly with my job. The company was bought, and as the main numbers man, it’s been one headache after another. We have so much $hit piled up in the back room that American Pickers need to get over here.

However, some Wonderland things are brewing and you will know soon! I need to review and add some things to Chapter 2. I hope to make a post on Sunday or Monday.

Til then, I leave you with this little tidbit via the late 70s… from noted historian and author, Shelby Foote. He’s right though, that is the trouble with new poetry, except today they are at coffee houses. Boring!

Credit: Author and Historian, Shelby Foote.

Credit: Author and Historian, Shelby Foote.

Stay tuned!