Excerpts From Jerry Vann’s Book “Underworld Secrets…”

Since Eddie Nash is not dead (confirmed by fellow club owner Chris Cox, it appears), then I will leave you with some Nash quotes from Jerry Vann’s book “Underworld Secrets: Jimmy Hoffa to Las Vegas”. Jerry Vann (Van Hoorelbeke?) is an interesting character and I should like to track him down for an interview one day.

It appears that Eddie Nash is upset here about Jerry’s friend, Greg (not Greg Diles) – and his visits to Nash’s strip club. Greg is hurting business!


On this page, the “Tony” character is Anthony Mudarris, who was indicted with Nash for money laundering and RICO stuff in 2000. Jerry paints himself well in the book, even saving a stripper girl who Tony had tossed down a hillside. It appears that Jerry & company also liked to use stolen / fake credit cards to buy jewelry and other valuables, but that is in another chapter I will post later. In even another chapter Jerry is frightened to death of Eddie’s heroin smugglers in Hawaii, even thinking he might die during the exchange as intermediary.