Taxi Driver’s “Easy Andy” At Wonderland?

This was originally shared via the FB page. The FB page is back up by the way. I had intended to go out west earlier this year to meet some folks and that did not happen. This January/Feb the trip will finally be possible. In the past year, I have undergone my own discovery of faith, love, addiction and redemption. There is so much I want to share with you, and I have been writing and researching like crazy. It will be in the book. Thanks all.

In a strangely relaxing scene from the chaotic film, Taxi Driver, Steven Prince was great as Easy Andy the gun and drug dealer. At the 41:00 minute mark of the following video “American Prince”, Steven talks of Wonderland. Thanks to Bobby for the link. Also, I am told Scott Thorson is seeking to do a new book or movie and wants investors, if you have the ca$h. That’s funny…and yeah, there’s a chapter on him too. I would take a trip up to that Nevada prison he’s in, but he will just muddy the waters with more BS. I don’t need that revisionist history. Truth clarifies!! As MLK once said “the universe bends towards justice”.