The Undie World Of Lili St. Cyr

The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr was a lingerie boutique that was across the street from the Starwood Club for many years. “In 1981, actress Cassandra Peterson became famous for her character Elvira, who achieved her trademark cleavage wearing a Lili St. Cyr deep plunge bra.” The store offered costumes for strippers but also “excitement for ordinary women.”

Lili was a famous burlesque performer; she died about sixteen years ago at the age of eighty. Her later years were “quiet—just her and some cats in a modest Hollywood apartment.”

“She wasn’t low-brow and bawdy like Rosa La Rose, who flashed her pubic hair.” Lili was even acquitted of lewd and lascivious charges. She took the stand and described her sexy yet classy stage act to the jury, which was very convincing – and they quickly brought back a not guilty verdict.

Undie World is no longer there, and the building has been razed.