Holmes Was Possessive, According To Sharon

At the time of their marriage in 1965, John was working as a candy processor at the Glendale “Candy Nips” factory (She told Mike Sager that he stirred vats of chocolate). Apparently, would not let Sharon meet his co-workers, and was extremely possessive – and she had to live and breathe for him alone.

“Spent most of leisure time @ Old Zoo in Griffith Park or window shopping.” – The Old Zoo at Griffith Park.

The public record shows Sharon living at these apartments in Glendale at the time of their marriage, which jibes with the story Sharon once told of looking out her window and seeing John pick flowers from the neighbors garden before their first date.

Holmes had 3 lung collapses during 66-67.

Also, if the couple had had children, we might not be talking about this at all.

Their marriage – according to Sharon:

From page 4 of Sharon's 9 page outline on John's life.

From page 4 of Sharon’s 9 page outline on John’s life.