The Return Of Ron Launius!

Not really. Just some small info to keep your fires burning…

In June of 1957, David Lind applied for Social Security disability benefits but he was denied. Disability type was not listed. (document found via cross-reference of his mother’s name)

After having reached the lawful minimum of living in the United States for five years, and with gainful employment, in 1956, Ed applied for his Naturalization in the USA via Milwaukee where he of course owned a restaurant called “Eat’n Time”. One of his female relatives owned or worked at Shamalie’s Dinnette restaurant. Even at this point, he was already living in a big brick home with his wife Maria from Milwaukee and his baby daughter. Seven dollars my ass! The Nash was smart: the old “marry a citizen and have an anchor baby” trick! …and then your newfound citizenship simply consists of filling out some paperwork. In 1956, Ed’s first child with Maria named Debra was born in Milwaukee. There is almost an entire chapter on Debra in my book.

In the Olivehurst city directory, Ron Launius is seen living at this duplex in unit B with his first wife Fay. I’m guessing that second unit there, and these probably were much nicer back then. Of course, Ron is listed as “USAF” in the directory. In the 1970 directory, it’s the same but includes his old phone number. I guess that was so Cherokee could call him, and for other shady deals. Ron and Fay were divorced in 1970 so it’s a good guess that either Ron was long gone from this address by ’69 or that Fay moved back down to Atwater where she was from (probably the latter, since she filed in San Bernadino). Fay died in 1988 at 40 years old. At fifteen, she gave birth to another serviceman’s baby girl, which was quickly put up for adoption. She must have lived a troubled life til the end.

You can’t find a good used old Blazer anymore… ‘cept in Olivehurst: