Peter Ottati Gets His Comeuppance In 1916

Peter Ottati was an Italian interpreter at one of the marriage license bureaus in Brooklyn during the 1910’s. He was appointed to the job by Tammany hoodlums back in 1908. The job paid about $100 per month and was a political appointment which made the newspapers. $1,200 salary per year in 1908 was a nice piece of change in today’s money. Ottati also owned a garage on Humboldt St. in Brooklyn that had a bad reputation. Ottati was some type of wise-guy back in 1908 – exactly what kind remains unknown. But he liked taking young girls for rides in his car… and sometimes back to the garage.

The following two photos were given to detectives to help track down Peter Ottati, who was wanted for molesting the young girls of the neighborhood. The garage was about one mile from the victim’s home in Brooklyn. I have no idea what the courtroom photo below is all about: but two ladies are crying, one girl is smiling like she doesn’t give a shit, and the matron in the middle is smiling like the field trip to the courthouse went smoothly. I have no clue as to what Peter was doing there or if this court scene was his own. He may have fled the state of New York, as Peter drops off the map after this ~

The girl mentioned in the article… Lillian Masem: The above incidents occurred in and around 1916. By 1920, Lillian Masem was eighteen years-old and working as a machine operator at an envelope factory, her father was a builder at an orchard and her older sister was a clerk in an office. She lost a brother in France in 1918 (WW1) and her mother died when she was a toddler. She lost her father in the 1940s and a few other siblings around that time. Lillian lived to be 67 years-old and died in May, 1969.
RIP, honey.