The Collyer Bros – Setting The Benchmark In Hoarding

Unmarried – Lived with parents until middle-age – Sounds suspicious! Oh and they collected all kinds of things in their Manhattan townhouse – to the tune of 130+ tons of junk and mementos, including fourteen pianos, rusty bicycles, 25,000 books, three dress-making mannequins, old beds and box springs, everything once owned by their mother and father, broken furniture, pickled human organs in jars from their father’s medical practice, boxes of empty soda and beer bottles, eight live cats and untold dead ones. The only thing not found in the house was Howard Hughes.

Oh, and their home was booby trapped. Because being strange was not enough, the brothers were also paranoid that someone was going to steal their useless junk. And this was in 1947.

The brothers were born during the Gilded Age in New York City. Both were very intelligent, having gone to college and graduated. One was a talented concert pianist, having played at Carnegie Hall. Enough with the words, let’s look at some photos! (and I don’t know why but strange NYC cases bother me more than the other things I’ve seen on this planet)

Sorry ladies at Grey Gardens, these two gents have you beat! A pile of empty cat food cans doesn’t count. I think I saw a book or two available on these brothers, maybe a movie also. Go digging if you want to know more.

Oh, and cops don’t get paid enough. Look at that detective going ledge to ledge!