Mother Of Boxer Tony Wilson Saves The Day

It’s a video clip that has become legendary and was shown on television long before the internet was around… this funny incident occurred in 1989 over in jolly old England.

From Wikipedia:

Boxer Tony Wilson beat Steve McCarthy in controversial circumstances in September 1989. McCarthy knocked Wilson down in the third round. Looking to finish the fight with Wilson on the ropes, the fight was stopped when Wilson’s 62-year-old mother climbed into the ring and started attacking McCarthy with her shoe; Wilson’s corner man also entered the ring. McCarthy believed he had won and left the ring, but bizarrely referee Adrian Morgan insisted that the fight should continue. McCarthy refused (the injury caused by Wilson’s mother required four stitches) and Wilson was declared the winner by technical knockout. A riot ensued and Wilson’s mother had to be dragged from the ring by her hair by a security guard; McCarthy returned to the ring but only to calm the crowd.

Let the games begin: