Cashing In – It Still Occurs

These days, real life cops become storytellers by writing books and making TV appearances. In the old days, one had to appear in a Vaudeville show to either tell the story or act out what happened when they made a collar and busted some criminals. This stage work was quicker to organize than writing a book and also more entertaining than reading a book. The windfalls were and are often incredible, but nowadays the fortunate few sometimes get book deals or have to find an agent. Robert Blake contends that is why he was arrested for murder with little or no physical evidence (i.e., the cops and prosecutors wanted to make a name for themselves and get rich – as in the OJ case). Blake’s memoir is one of the best bios I have ever read. I always liked Blake when I was growing up, so the OJ factor is in play here — sort of like the people who admired him or thought he was innocent. Speaking of windfalls, Scott Thorson burned through his Candelabra book money in the late 80s in a few months. Over twenty years later, the six-figures he received for the movie was blown in roughly the same amount of time. Rumor has it that Scott is working on a new book in prison.

Cashing In… from the book Psycho USA by Harold Schecter: