The Downward Spiral Of Marlene Olive

Marlene Olive and Chuck Riley murdered her parents in 1975 up in Terra Linda, California. Chuck pretty much took the fall for both murders since he was nineteen. Marlene was a minor at the time. Mom was killed with a hammer. A hammer killing is an up-close-and-personal rage thing. Marlene hated her adoptive mother – blamed her for everything. But, back in the Seventies minors got away with stuff, as we didn’t begin seeing them charged as adults for heinous and ghastly crimes until decades later when society had had enough. Chuck on the other hand was a chubby kid who never had a girlfriend until he met Marlene. He was in love and she messed with his head. Chuck killed Dad with a .22 and had not been there at the house earlier when Mom was killed. After a few days and several cans of Lysol, the stench became unbearable, so they then burned the bodies in a pit at the nearby state park. By the way, Chuck and Marlene were always high on LSD and pills. To further stretch the ridiculousness, some teen friends knew what they had done – and never called the cops.

Chuck made parole about a year ago. He always expressed remorse for his crime, despite what Gov. Brown said about him at the time of his release. Maybe Chuck will have a few good years as a free man before he kicks the bucket. Marlene on the other hand, served five years in minimum security and was then released. She escaped once and was caught prostituting herself. Later in life, she showed her true colors… the L.A. Times brings us up to speed for what she was doing in 1991. Now days, she’s probably manipulating another poor sucker who never had a girlfriend before, or, she is deceased.

Highly recommended is the true crime book, which is much better than it’s generic title, “Bad Blood” by Richard M. Levine. This is the only crime book by him. Last time I checked, I think he was a political writer, if that was indeed him that I found.

LA Times 1991