Wonderland Avenue – Views & Comments

The most photographed stop sign in the world…. the house, Country Store, views from the top of Wonderland Avenue… and great news: Dupars is becoming a beauty supply store. Where was the effort to save that? (Or the McDonalds OJ and Kato stopped at that night?). Dupars is a side-story to a side-story but oh well. We need a beauty and make up store too 😉 ….and a picture of Danny Sugerman’s house on Wonderland ~

Also included are some of the cheap lodgings from old motel row in Sherman Oaks / Studio City, where Holmes tended to stay. One is confirmed! But the address Lange & Souza give for another is alas, now a stupid bank! When you show up at a sleazy motel investigating an old pornstar, people hate your fucking guts, that’s just Fyi.