The L.A. Biltmore Hotel – Holmes Stayed Here in Custody

The Biltmore in L.A. is a 100 year old hotel. The Graf Zeppelin was said to have docked on the roof back in olden times, and the kitchen staff brought them food. The hotel still has a heliport. Today I got on the roof.

But in July 1981… for nearly a week, John Holmes and his women were sequestered at the Biltmore, and the police really needed his help solving the Wonderland Murders. The Hotel Bonaventure was the cops’ first hotel in an attempt to keep Holmes “safe” but it wasn’t good strategically. They then moved this odd family unit of porn king, ex-wife and young girlfriend to the lovely Biltmore. There could not have been a weirder scenario in the history of this Shining-esque, and to me after being there today, creepy ass old hotel. Jack Torrance, you bastard.

As for helping the cops, Holmes delivered nothing but lip service. But he enjoyed the room service at the Biltmore; cops had to cut off the orders of 22 year old Scotch after a while, and then Holmes was cut loose, and he went on the run.

Welcome to the Biltmore, dear friends~ that’s me on the roof, not the ghost of Johnny Wadd.