Ali Baba’s In North Hollywood

Since I am not from here, I am tickled by the little things. Back home, I was 15 before I saw my first bum (in more ways than one :-). And they are rude as hell. But Hollywood surprised me, and their gents of the street still mystify me – it’s just that the homeless gentlemen in Hollywood are the most polite, well refined in the land. Chicago has the most foul-mouthed, New York, same. Politeness goes a long way when I hand over a fiver of my ill-gotten gains.

However, travel a bit north over the hill (past Wonderland) … to North Hollywood, and it is not so. So on the one hand, the Hollywood bums are a joy to hand a dollar over to; they have politeness stewed to a warm perfection with a nice compliment to boot! But in today’s travels, North Hollywood bums pissed me off. Maybe it’s because today was a Monday. I don’t like Mondays either. I’ll give ’em a break. I’m sorry, NoHo.

Disclaimer: I love all bums (and homeless people too)

Anyhoo, this post is about Ali Baba’s in North Hollywood. Owned by a rich bum. A Nash owned joint. Things sure have changed since then… you can almost smell the falafel…