Ray Peterson Plays Ali Baba’s

Ray Peterson was a crooner from the old school. He had a few finger-snappin hits and “became a west coast phenomenon during the 1960s.” Ray could wax tragic… a few of his big songs were death discs, or teenage tragedy songs, “Tell Laura I Love Her”, being one… about a young man trying to impress a girl – he enters a stock car race, only to die in a fiery blaze. One of his biggest songs was “Corrina, Corrina” – one of those songs that is so ancient, nobody knows who originally wrote it! But Ray’s version of Corrina reached #9 on tbe charts and was produced by a young Phil Spector.

This is Ray, not Phil; although Phil was dressed similarly when he met Lana Clarkson.

A longtime L.A. transplant, during the 1970s, the hits died off and Ray became a minister and moved back east to Nashville. He never forgot his fans in California though and was occasionally part of those classic oldies tours.

Ray ridin dirty in his early 90s Dodge sedan with Landau top

A longtime performer at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood, Ray also went just up the street to don his pink or aqua sportcoat for the occasional gig at Ali Baba’s, which featured classic oldies acts, as well as traditional middle-eastern music acts.

Ali Baba’s would have been a nice, intimate setting to catch Ray during his resurgence in the late 1970s… one can almost taste the Harvey Wallbangers~