The Other Roxy In Long Beach

“Honey, tonight we’re goin’ to the Roxy” …

But this is not the world famous Roxy on the Strip… this Roxy was a sweet theater that hosted a Holmes double-feature back in ’77: Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here… and Liquid Lips~

Parking has always been an issue there in sin city – but at the other Roxy, there seems to have been that age-old friend in L.A… “Free Parking in Back”. However, I always park a bit further up the street:

At a different L.A. theater at the time, it’s obvious the Southland was not immune to the bigfoot craze. Going to see this triple-showing, or at least paying for one show and sneaking in to all three, had to be one of the greatest moments in some kid’s life. I’m jealous!