Nash-Owned Joints In L.A. Yellow Pages, c. 1980

Only a few are his, not all of these were his… just to clarify.

Before the interwebs, we had to use these things. Anyone remember calling the movie theatres back then and the person read the movies & showtimes to you (pre-dating the recorded message answering machine).. I remember also asking, “Who’s in that?” ..or “What’s that one about?”  🙂  I also had to walk 10 miles to school in tbe snow.

BTW, Nash first opened his file with the FBI in 1950s. He was buddies with legendary Vegas gangster, Mo Davitz. The Wonderland scofflaw, an L.A. fence & loan shark, “Fat Howard” Cook, first arrived on their known-hoodlum program radar in 1976 – among other things, for getting mob guys half-price airline tickets via stolen credit cards and free shit like household appliances & microwave ovens. Top-level gang bosses were wealthy, but they displayed great excitement over swag like that and on wiretaps would go on and on about a free KitchenAid blender. Howard Cook is deceased now and so has been on their dead list for decades. But Nash even tricked the men in black, and was not even on a more recent FBI dead list I found. So even in death, the slippery Nash fooled them with his secret passing (not that they cared at that point since he was old and out of the game, but still).