Wonderland Interview With Nils Grevillius

With the few hundred posts on the blog, viewers may not have seen this, as I get a few emails periodically from folks asking related questions that are not answered in the written record of books and articles. So if you are somewhat new to this blog, and can get past all of my yeahs and umm-hmms, then you may find my old 2014 telephone interview with crime author and private investigator, Nils Grevillius, interesting. As you may or may not know, Nils collaborated with Tom Lange & Bob Souza in the 1990s on the legendary, original and unpublished true crime book, titled Four on the Floor.

Nils could have a book written about his interesting career, but if you want to check out his writing catalogue, visit his Amazon author page. Don’t forget to read his amazing bio of adventures.

This is a 35-minute discussion and sadly due to technical difficulties, about 15 mins were lost. Hey I’m not Art Bell.

In two parts – but part two should play through automatically. My SoundCloud main menu)

Adjust your volume…